Practical And Affordable Mobile Scissor Lift Looking Forward To Serve For You

            Practical and affordable Mobile scissor lift looking forward to serve for you

Our mobile scissor lift It is a very mature products,it is our main product, we product it over 10 years.

it is widely used in construction site, building maintenance, factory daily aerial work maintenance and various types of aerial work.

In order to celebrate the Christmas and new year is coming and feedback our new and old customers,our company is hold an Price reduction activitiesg for some models.

Our Mobile scissor lift is included also,working height from 4-18 for your choice also.


1. Platform Material:60mm*40mm rectangular tube +3mm checkered iron

2. Scissor material: 150mm*50mm*5mm high strength Manganese Steel.

3. Hydraulic system:   4. Pump 310 10ml/r

5. High Precision Hydraulic Cylinder:80*2sets, 100*2sets

6. Piston Rod: 40*2pieces, 50*2 hard chromium plating surface.

7. High-pressure oil pump     8. Hydraulic oil:Summer 45,Winter:32

9. Rubber wheel:600-9*4piece.

Safety precautions:

1. Explosion-proof valves

2. Equipped with anti-skid plate

3. Overload protective system.

4. Single control solenoid valves :prevent dropping if power failure.

5. Emergency decline valve

6.Four supporting legs.