Price Update!6-12M Electric Driven Self Propelled Scissor Lift Table

                            Price update!Electric Driven Self Propelled Scissor Lift Table

The new year 2020 will arrive soon,in order to celebrate new year and feedback all of our old and new customers,here one of our best selling Electric Driven Self Propelled Scissor Lift,we give bigger favorable.

Here some simple instruction for your check:

  • Self-propelled scissor lift has the function of automatic walking machine, integarated design, built-in battery power, meet in different working conditionsno external power supply, no external power traction can lift freely.

  • The equipment running and steering is also just a person can be completed. The operator only needs to master the control handle to the equipment before the complete equipment forward and backward, steering, fast,slow walk and equal action.

  • Self-propelled scissor lift is mobile and flexible, convenient operation, larbo saving, make high-altitude operations more efficient and convenient, is the ideal equipment for high-altitude operations, the safety production of the modern enterprise.

    Welcome to enquiry with us if you feel any interested,we always here wiating for all of you!