Product Introduction - Single Scissor Lift Table

Scissor Lift Table Advantages:

1. Scissor Lift Table surface is dealt with shot blasting and stoving varnish. High anti-corrosion function.

2. High quality pump station make scissor lift table lifts and fall very stably.

3. Anti-pinch scissor design; main pin-roll place adopts self-lubricating design which prolong life span.

4. Removable lifting eye to help lift the table and install.

5. Heavy duty cylinders with drainage system and check valve to stop the lift table lowering in the case of hose burst

6. Pressure relief valve prevent overload operation; Flow control valve make descent speed adjustable.

7. Brief structure make it much easier to operate and maintain.

8. Up to American standard ANSI/ASME and Europe standard EN1570

Safety Precautions:

1. Explosion-proof valves

2. Spillover valve

3. Emergency decline valve

4. Overload protection locking device.

5. Automatic Safety sensor: lift platform will stop automatically when come across barriers.

lift table platform 3.jpg