The Battery Maintenance Of Mini Electric Scissor Lift

To ensure better performance and prolong its usage life of the battery,


1. Firstly Users should check the liquid level regularly. If the liquid level is below the lower line, please add distilled water or purified water till the level reaches the upper line.Refilling must not take place until charging has been finished, as the acid expands during charging. 

2. The battery surface must be kept clean and dry, as dirt and wet will cause

leakage of current and consequently reduced battery capacity. 

3. Battery charging: Turn the key and switch on, when the display indicated voltage is below11 volt, please charge up the battery. Loose the screw bolt of liquid box before charging. Under the normal situation,1/10 electric current of the battery's capacity should be charged for 3~5 hours. After charging, the terminal voltage of the battery should be above 12.6.Otherwise, charge up the battery again.

4. Battery charging should be done in a well ventilated place and there is no naked

flames,no sparks and no heat radiation sources nearby.

5. After finishing charging, turn the screw bolt of liquid box tight, wash the surface of

battery with clean water and clean it gently with wet cloth.

6. When charging up the battery, if the liquid temperature of the battery is above 45℃,stop charging immediately,continue charging only after the liquid temperature drops.