The Influence Of Low Temperature On Scissor Lifts

The influence of low temperature environment on scissor lifts are as follows:

Firstly, when lubricating oil, gearbox, transmission box, drive axle, hoisting mechanism and rotary mechanism are running at low temperature, the gear oil with high viscosity index, low solidification point and good lubricity should be selected. Otherwise, the transmission efficiency will be obviously reduced, the wear of transmission parts will be increased, the operation of gearbox and transmission box will be heavy, and the shift will be difficult.

Secondly, the influence of low temperature environment on hydraulic oil, lubricating grease and diesel oil of the elevator/lifters. The lifting amplitude, rotation and expansion of the lifting system and lifting operation are all driven by hydraulic oil as working medium. Viscosity of hydraulic oil is very important. Viscosity is too high, friction resistance inside the system increases, pressure loss increases, oil temperature rises too fast, operation lags behind; Viscosity is too low, volume efficiency of pump is low, lubrication performance is poor, friction resistance between parts increases. The viscosity of hydraulic oil varies with working temperature, so special attention should be paid to the selection of low temperature hydraulic oil.

Thirdly, the influence of low temperature environment on steel products. The material of main stress components at low temperature must not only meet the requirements of strength, but also the requirements of impact toughness. The welding structure form of low temperature stress components has great influence on welding thermal stress and stress concentration. Therefore, the appropriate structure form should be chosen for the elevator at low temperature.