Vacuum Glass Lifter For Glass Wooden Board

                           Vacuum glass lifter for glass wooden board

The  Vacuum glass lifter is made up of two control systems (the suckers are arranged in two rows), The finished product type of sucker (the arrangement of the type of a sucker) controls the car's elevation and the turning of glass, marble and other planar goods. When operating, it can absorb and lift the flipped plate by controlling the sucker.
It has the functions of walking before and after electric power, electric hydraulic lifting, suction and suction guarantee system, electric flip and so on.


1.Sucker suction guarantee system, if there is a set of suction leakage, another set of suckers can also absorb the cargo, ensure that the normal operation of the car can suck up, lift the flip of the plate.

2.Small product appearance;Easy access to elevators.Clever design;The multifunction key is focused on the control handle.

3.Mobile convenience;Electric walking, electronic stepless speed regulation, smooth walking, high power drive motor, ensure the safety of the carrying glass.

4.It is convenient to charge and equipped with intelligent charger, which can be used to supply the electric quantity at any time.