Vietnam Customer 5 Set Of Stationary Dock Ramp

Nguyen Nga has a big warehouse in Vietnam, and needs to load many containers everyday. And his dock ramp is old now so he wants to change them to new ones. O ne of his friends introduced SINOFIRST to him and he bought 5 sets for one order. Now the dock ramp is ready for shipment.


Stationary Dock Yard Ramp is widely used in factory and warehouse to offer a bridge from cargo platform to truck, container or other vehicles. Stationary Dock Yard Ramp is driven by hydraulic pump station and electric motor. When stationary dock ramp start to work, hydraulic cylinder will lift the platform to suitable height to cater to the height of vehicle. Or stationary dock yard ramp can low down to cater to lower position to cater to small vehicles. The reason that we call it “stationary” is that is installed in the pit. SINOFIRST will offer detailed installation manual and drawing. Customer can install it easily.

Stationary Dock Yard Ramp is equipped with two hydraulic cylinders. One is used to lift platform and the other is used to lift the clapper.

Stationary Dock Ramp’s load capacity from 6ton 12ton.Customised platform size is available.