Worldwide Famous Brand Of Aerial Lifting Platform

The birth of lifting platform greatly improved the production efficiency,the most important thing is the safety of aerial workers is ensured.

Nowadays,the lifting platform is the premise of ensuring safety,the design is more humane,precise,and convenient.Here we make a conclusion of the lifting manufacturer brands:

The first scissor lift platform was made by UpRight Inc in America in the year of 1972, and the first telescope boom lift was made by JIG in America,so UpRight and JLG are two big brands of aerial work platform in the world.

By the development of economy, some other brands were spreaded worldwidely,such as Haulotte from France,Nifty from UK,MANTIOU from France,ATN from France,SKYJACK from Canada,BASKET from Italy,HAB from Germany,SINOBOOM from China,SINOFIRST from China,DINGLI from China,etc.