250kg Hydraulic Home Use Lift Elevator

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Product Details

                            250kg hydraulic home use lift elevator

Product Feature of hydraulic home use lift elevator:
1.Lifting is driven by hydraulic system
2.It is divided into two types according to the different material:spray type and stainless steel type
3.With the details like boarding ramp,anti-slip pattern plate,handrail,stable lifting,give the user a pleasant experience.
4.The control panel both on every floors and the platform.the remote controller is also available.
5.With various safety device:such as safety lock,safety sensor,emergency falling device, emergency stop device.
6.Power :220v AC power or according to your voltage,and DC power is also available
Safety device of hydraulic home use lift elevator:
1.Overload protection: over-current relay control
2.Emergency stop button :The lifting and falling process can be stopped immediately by pressing the emergency stop button.
3.Safety sensor: one sensor below the platform, the platform will stop if touching the sensor when lift gets down.
4.Auto-flap: it will turn up after the lift rises, it will stop the wheelchair slip out if no doors.
5.Safety lock: the lift machine can't work if your operation is wrong.
6.Emergency falling device: it has manual falling device when power failure or machine.