Adjustable Loading Dock Ramp For Sale

Adjustable Loading Dock Ramp For Sale
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adjustable loading dock ramp for sale

This product is mainly used for loading and unloading goods, and has a very wide range of applications in many fields, especially in the field of cargo handling in warehouses and company supermarkets. We have also made continuous progress, which has led to continuous improvement of the product. The mobile loading and unloading platform is a product that we have been very popular and attach great importance to.301301

Model No.ZXY2-1.6
Max. Lifting Platform Height1600 mm
Max. Load Capacity2000 kg
Platform Size1600*2000 mm
Connect Ramp Size1500*380 mm(1500*550mm)
Overall Size2200*2200*2200 mm
Lifting Motor2.2 KW
Lifting & Down Speed4m/min.
WheelFixed Wheel Φ150*2,universal wheelΦ100*2
Cylinder70*2 no.
Chassis Structure100*50 rectangular tube+3mm checkered plate
Guide4mm channel steel
Net Weight700 kg

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