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crane lift

Easy to carry with small cranes   Small crane series products are small in size, light in weight, small and exquisite, compact in structure and easy to carry.   2. The small crane is easy to install.    Place the power unit near the window (or balcony), assemble the bracket part, and insert it into the base hole of the power unit. It can be installed in 5 minutes. 3. The lifting speed of the small crane is fast, it is increased by 1 meter in 4 seconds, and the 10-story building can be hit back and forth in 3 minutes. With the "special tool", the lifting speed is amazing, and the higher the floor, the greater the advantage 4. Small crane Wide range of application 220V single-phase power supply is used for decoration companies, lifting companies, installation companies, moving companies, factory workshops, repair departments, warehouses and other industries and households. At the same time, there are a wide range of places of use. In addition to being installed indoors, it can also be installed on the roof. It can be installed on a large construction site using a corner bracket, or it can be lifted on a small construction project instead of a gantry. Can install protective nets, billboards, can also do roof waterproofing cast-in-place project; can workover and repair pumps can also store fruits, drying food ......    5, small crane is easy to operate, safe and reliable.  One hour can learn to operate the machine. When the operation according to this manual appears, the lifting object can touch the limiter and toggle the travel switch to cut off the power immediately to ensure safe operation.




Model TypeEPFC-25EPFC-25-AAEPFC-CB-15
Capacity (Retracted) (kg)10001000650
Capacity(Extended) (kg)250250150
Max Lifting Height
Max Length crane extended813mm1220mm813mm
Max length legs extended600mm500mm/
Retracted size(W*L*H)762*2032*1600mm762*2032*1600mm889*2794*1727mm
Net weight (kg)500480770

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