Dock Ramp Leveller

Dock Ramp Leveller
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dock ramp leveller

This container capacity is 6-12 tons. The main purpose of the product is to facilitate the management and transportation of goods within the container, through the optimization of the product and facilitate the management of the product. This product is widely used in mass-market packaging and printing materials such as industrial packaging. Because this product is simple in structure and easy to operate, it is popular with our customers. The principle of this product is that the female cylinder pushes the machine up and down.


1. In addition to the parking lot, the Dock Yard Ramp is powered by a generator and an electric motor.

2. Power range: 6 ~ 15 blocks. Providing services for.

3. Equipment: 1100 * 2000mm or 1100 * 2500mm. Provide the right service as needed.

4. Leakage Equipment: May prevent high pressure when the engine is up. Press the pressure.

5. Emergency: Disaster can be reduced when you face an emergency or power outage.

6. Hydraulic solid support legs will support the entire floor continuously.

7. Solid plastic resin with strong resistance efficiency.

8. Counter-balance posters will stop mobile traffic while you work.

9. Solid chains will attach to the container or container on the floor when working

This product is also a product that we have ordered a lot of, and we have already received a lot of orders in the US and Europe.

Directions and Benefits:

1. Increase the balance of height and drag.

2. Surface protection ensures safety.

3. electrical stimulation.

4. It is designed for heavy lifting for all lifts.

The 5.Strong structure is made of solid steel.

6. It is very easy to operate and maintain.



Model No.SDR-6SDR-8SDR-10
Load Capacity (t)6810
Platform Size (mm)2000*2000/25002000*2000/25002000*2000/2500
Lip Width (mm)400400400
Travel Height (mm)Updip300300300
Motor Power (kw)0.750.750.75
Pit Size (mm)2080*2040*6002080*2040*6002080*2040*600
Platform Materials6mm checked steel plate Q235B6mm checked steel plate Q235B6mm checked steel plate Q235B
Lip Materials14mm Q235B plate16mm Q235B plate18mm Q235B plate
Lifting Frame120×60×6 profile steel160×80×6 profile steel200×100×6 profile steel
Bed Frame120×60×5 profile steel120×60×6 profile steel120×60×6 profile steel
Shaft PinØ30 steel rod,30×50 welded tubeØ30 steel rod,30×50 welded tubeØ30 steel rod,30×50 welded tube
Cylinder Support Plate12mm Q235B plate12mm Q235B plate12mm Q235B plate
Cylinder Pin45# Ø50 rod steel*445# Ø50 rod steel*445# Ø50 rod steel*4
Lifting Hydraulic CylinderHGS series Ø80/50HGS series Ø80/50HGS series Ø80/50
Lip Hydraulic CylinderHGS series Ø40/25HGS series Ø40/25HGS series Ø40/25
Hydraulic Oil PipeDouble wire mesh high pressure tubing 2-10-43MPaDouble wire mesh high pressure tubing 2-10-43MPaDouble wire mesh high pressure tubing 2-10-43MPa
Pump StationCombined type CDK series 0.75KWCombined type CDK series 0.75KWCombined type CDK series 0.75KW
Electrical applianceDelixiDelixiDelixi
Hydraulic OilML series antiwear hydraulic oil 6LML series antiwear hydraulic oil 6LML series antiwear hydraulic oil 6L
40'container Loading Qty20sets20sets20sets

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