Drum Lifter

Drum Lifter
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drum lifter

This product is mainly used for the shipment of barreled products in many factories, such as oil barrels and raw material barrels. It is widely used in many occasions. The operation of this product is very simple, only one person can fully operate the machine for operation, and our products have always been the leading products in this field. The lifting weight and lifting height of the product are also among the top in the industry.



Drive TypeElectric Motor
Lifting Height2400mm
Overall Length2840mm
Overall Width1180mm
Turning Radius2150mm
Grade Ability3%
Wheel size250*80mm
Material of WheelPU
Brake TypeElectromagnetism brake
Drive Motor1.2kw
Lifting Motor2.2kw
Battery voltage/volume24/210V/A
Rotation Angle135°

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