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Express Glass Lifter
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vaccum lifter for glass

The vacuum hydraulic power-assisted handling system adopts intelligent and humanized control methods to easily and effectively carry out the handling and installation of large glass workpieces. Its functionality, safety and humanized design are reflected in the field of glass handling. It is a collection of high efficiency, convenience and ergonomics. It can effectively avoid the accidental injury of the glass workpiece to the operator during the adsorption, lifting, moving, handling, and installation. The vacuum hydraulic power-assisted handling system saves time, improves production efficiency, and can truly be safe, efficient and fast. The business spreads all over the world, and the customers are widely distributed in the whole glass industry. We can customize various specifications of glass machinery and equipment according to customer needs. Welcome to visit and negotiate.

Equipment: Two models and six specifications: AC and DC power supply respectively; cm02

1. Mechanical loading and unloading can be completed quickly within 5 minutes, which is convenient for the equipment to get on and off the truck and move up and down floors. The Z narrow can pass through the range of 820mm, which is suitable for construction in different places;

2. It can absorb flat, curved, special-shaped glass, etc. The suction cup base is designed with a stress recoil device to effectively protect the workpiece safety and fast and uniform adsorption; each control switch is designed at the handle position, which is convenient for one employee to operate, and the vacuum and hydraulic pipelines are used quickly Connect the device and quickly install it to improve work efficiency.

3. The glass adsorption hydraulic pressure lifts up and down, tilts forward and backward, and adjusts from left to right. It is in line with the principles of mechanical engineering and is suitable for different environmental occasions. The high-pressure output pressure is stronger and the operation is more stable. The first double vacuum pump, double large capacity and super strong The suction power is stronger with the use of high-quality suction cups, and the vertical suction force of each suction cup can reach more than 100 kg. The high-quality suction cups ensure that the workpiece will not fall off;

4. The position of the suction cup can be adjusted according to the size of the glass. The top of the Z-high workpiece can be lifted up to 5.5 meters in height. The glass can be rotated 360 degrees vertically and horizontally, and can be positioned in multiple angles for easy installation.

5. Multi-model equipment, AC and DC power supply, wireless mobile operation, suitable for the needs of different customers

GL-LD 动作解释(1)GL-LD 红色 0+(1)

Model TypeVGL-LD-350GL-LD-600
Load Capacity350kg (retract)/175kg(extend)600kg (retract)/300kg(extend)
Lifting Height3500mm3500mm
QTY of Suction Cap4pcs (standard)6pcs (standard)
Suction Cap DiameterØ300mm (standard)Ø300mm (standard)
Battery ChargerSmart ChargerSmart Charger
Drive motor24V/600W24V/900W
Hydraulic power24V/2000W/5L24V/2000W/5L
Front WheelHigh elastic solid rubber wheel 
Ø310x100mm 2pcs
High elastic solid rubber wheel 
Ø375x110mm 2pcs
Driving WheelØ250x80mm Middle horizontal drive wheelØ310x100mmMiddle horizontal drive wheel
(4 kinds)
  1. Pad frame vertical up/down 180°automatic

  2. Boom in/out 610/760mm automatic

  3. Powered arm up/down automatic

  4. Lateral side shift 100mm automatic  (Pls look at illustration diagram on Page 3)

Manual (2kinds)
  1. Pad frame turn left/right 180 manual (Pls look at Optional 1. automatic turn lift/right)

  2. Pad frame rotation 360°manual (Pls look at Optional 2. automatic rotation 360°)

UsagesSpecial design for handling difference kind of heavy plate, such as steel, glass, granite, marble and so forth, with different materials of vacuum suction caps.

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