Glass Lifting Equipment

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Product Details

Glass Lifting Equipment is mainly designed with vacuum system to lift material like glass, wood and marble.

We produce the lifting machine for glass with 2 models, GL-LD-350 and GL-LD-600, which can fulfill different need of clients.

Well-constructed safety systems prevent damage to the glass during transport and fitting of heavy glass plates. If you use our devices at work, you can minimize the number of people necessary to perform the tasks.



(4 kinds)

1. Pad frame vertical up/down 180°automatic

2. Boom in/out 610/760mm automatic

3. Powered arm up/down automatic

4. Lateral side shift 100mm automatic  (Pls look at illustration diagram on Page 3)

Manual (2kinds)

5. Pad frame turn left/right 180 manual (Pls look at Optional 1. automatic turn lift/right)

6. Pad frame rotation 360°manual (Pls look at Optional 2. automatic rotation 360°)