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Human Lift
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human lift

This product is a very high-end product, because the motor is installed at the bottom, so that the product can be freely controlled by the operator to move it, which greatly improves the convenience of work, even our products. The biggest feature is that while its mechanism is precise, the operation is very simple, and only the control handle can be used to freely control the lifting equipment to move freely. When the platform is deployed, the movement of the machine will have a safe range, and the movement speed will not be too fast to prevent the occurrence of danger.

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Model No.SDMA7.5-2SDMA9-2
Max. Platform Height7500mm9000mm
Working Height9500mm11000mm
Max. Machine height9000mm10500mm
Min. Platform Height680mm680mm
Ground clearance20mm20mm
Lift Rated Capacity220kg150kg
Platform size1000x700x1100mm
Max. Drive Speed (platform Stowed)3~4km/h
Max.Drive Speed (platform Elevated)0.6~1mm
Minimum turn radius1800mm
Max. Climbing Capacity20%
Directional Wheel SizeΦ 305x100in
Driving Wheel SizeΦ 305x100mm
Driver Motor2x2.4/0.5v/kw
Lifting Motor24/2.2v/kw
Pothole protection systemMechanical control
Overall Length1700mm
Overall Width1000mm
Overall Height2000mm2100mm
Overall Net Weight1100kg1250kg

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