Hydraulic Car Platform Lift System

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               Hydraulic car platform lift system

1. The model is beautiful, double-layer hidden structure, good rigidity and no deformation, and good synchronization performance.

2. Applicable to all kinds of auto repair shops, auto repair stores.

3. Equipped with a rear side slide and an adjustable front wheel positioning groove for a variety of automotive four wheel aligners.

4. There are two installation methods on the ground to save space and be beautiful.

5. Adjust the corner plate (selected components) according to the car track, which is convenient for secondary lifting and disassembly of tires and chassis maintenance.

6. Pneumatic double gear self-locking and explosion-proof tube insurance, the automatic opening is reduced, and the sliding block of super-abrasive material is not added.

7. With imported hydraulic parts, the system is stable and reliable.

8. The electrical control uses a 24VDC safe voltage for safer operation.