Hydraulic Goods Elevator

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                                              Hydraulic goods elevtor


1.Equipped single side or double sides hydro cylinder to keep the machinery works smooth and

   steady with noiseless, it is convenient and long working life.

2.safe manual operation in case of black out,emergence stop can give protection when some

   urgency happened.

3.the pit should be 15-30cm,the height of the top is unlimited.

4.custom made according to the multistoried building.

5.imported and domestic pump is optional.

6.Hydro-cylinder and sealing element adopt imported parts.

7.Imported controlling system is optional(Schneider,Siemens,ect)



Hydraulic elevators not only have all safety device of the traditional elevator,but also have the

special safety system hereinafter.

1.Spillover valve, it can prevent high pressure when the machine moves up.

2.Manual emergency valve,it can go down to the nearest floor and open the door when you

   meet an emergency.

3.Pipe fracture valve,when the hydraulic system pipe fracture, it can cut down the channel of

   the oil to stop the falling.

4.Temperature protection, when the temperature of the hydraulic oil is substandard, the machine

    will stop working until the temperature reverts to the safe standar.