Hydraulic Scissor Lift

Hydraulic Scissor Lift
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hydraulic scissor lift

The main features of the self-propelled electric drive lifting platform are: the user can control the mechanical elevator and walk without going down the lifting platform, and can control the equipment to travel to other work places on the table. The equipment itself has the functions of walking and steering drive, without manual traction and external power supply. It is flexible and convenient to move, making aerial work more convenient and fast. It is the ideal aerial work equipment for efficient and safe production of modern enterprises.

It is especially suitable for large-scale high-altitude operations such as stations, docks, airports, power plants, stadiums and large enterprises.

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Model TypeESP06AESP06ESP08AESP08
Max.working height(m)881010
Max.platfrom height(m)6688
Lifting capacity(kg)230230230230
Extended platform capacity(kg)113113113113
Platform size(m)2.26*0.81*1.12.26*1.13*1.12.26*0.81*1.12.26*1.13*1.1
Overall size (guardrail unfolding)(m)2.475*0.81*2.2132.475*1.17*2.2132.475*0.81*2.3412.475*1.17*2.341
Overall size (guardrail removed)(m)2.475*0.81*1.7632.475*1.17*1.7632.475*0.81*1.8912.475*1.17*1.891
Extended platform size(m)
Ground clearence(m)0.1/0.020.1/0.020.1/0.020.1/0.02
Wheel base(m)1.921.921.921.92
Minimum turn radius(inner wheel)0000
Minimum turn radius(outer wheel)(m)
Driving motor(v/kw)2*24/0.752*24/0.752*24/0.752*24/0.75
Lifting Motor(v/kw)24/1.524/1.524/1.524/1.5
Lifing speed(m/min)4444
Running speed(folding)(km/h)4444
Running speed(rising)0000
Maximum climbing ability25%25%25%25%
Maximum working allowable angle2°/3°2°/3°1.5°/3°2°/3°
Wheel Size(driving wheel)(mm)Φ250*80Φ250*80Φ250*80Φ250*80
Wheel size(stuffed)(mm)Φ300*100Φ300*100Φ300*100Φ300*100
Net Weight(kg)1985230021002500

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