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loading dock

Mobile loading and unloading platform performance:

1. After precise mechanical calculation design, it has light weight, good rigidity and large bearing capacity;

2. The frame is welded with high-quality steel such as rigid steel, square tube and special channel steel;

3. The rear of the rack of the loading and unloading platform is equipped with an adjustable screw to support the ground, which is used as an overall fixing during loading and unloading operations;

4. There is a cushion rubber pad under the chassis of the loading and unloading platform, which acts as a buffer to reduce the impact when the platform is lowered to the ground;

5. The loading and unloading platform is equipped with two front casters in front of the load-bearing bottom beam frame, and two universal wheels on the rear cross beam to facilitate the movement of the whole vehicle;

6. The hydraulic system and electrical control system are installed on the side of the equipment, which is convenient for maintenance and prevents the vehicle from hitting the electric control box when the cargo is backed up;

7. Choose AC 380V or 220V voltage as the power source (users need to select in advance when ordering) to fully reflect the design structure is more reasonable and practical;


Model No.ZXY2-1.6
Max. Lifting Platform Height1600 mm
Max. Load Capacity2000 kg
Platform Size1600*2000 mm
Connect Ramp Size1500*380 mm(1500*550mm)
Overall Size2200*2200*2200 mm
Lifting Motor2.2 KW
Lifting & Down Speed4m/min.
WheelFixed Wheel Φ150*2,universal wheelΦ100*2
Cylinder70*2 no.
Chassis Structure100*50 rectangular tube+3mm checkered plate
Guide4mm channel steel
Net Weight700 kg

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