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Loading Platform
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A loading ramp is an inclined plane used to facilitate loading and unloading materials from a vehicle or container.

Mobile Loading ramps are mostly used for unloading heavy-duty goods from a truck or trailer to the ground or vice versa.

Loading dock ramps can be used inside warehouses or outside in shipping or train yards.

The mobile loading ramp is different from others by its distinct characteristic. People can load and unload cargo from the container more easily by using dock ramps. And the forklifts can go up and down safely. SAGA FIRST dock ramps are exported to the United States, France, Italy, Australia, Singapore, South Africa, the Philippines, Canada, Belgium and so on, more than 150 countries.



Model No.MDR-8MDR-10MDR-12
Load Capacity (t)81012
Platform Size (mm)11000*200011000*200011000*2000
Overall Size(mm)11200*2000*140011200*2000*140011200*2000*1400
Lip Width (mm)400400400
Tail Board Length (mm)800800800
Platform Length(mm)290029002900
Slope Length(mm)750075007500
Adjustable Range of Lifting Height(mm)900~1700900~1700900~1700
Pit Size (mm)2080*2040*6002080*2040*6002080*2040*600
Platform Materials4mm checked steel plate +7mm steel screen4mm checked steel plate +7mm steel screen5mm checked steel plate +8mm steel screen
Lip Materials16mm Q235B plate18mm Q235B plate20mm Q235B plate
Lifting Frame120×60×4.5 profile steel160×80×4.5 profile steel200×100×6 profile steel
Bed Frame120×60×4.5 profile steel120×60×4.5 profile steel160×80×4.5 profile steel
Lower Truss100*50*3 rectangle tube Q235B100*50*3 rectangle tube Q235B100*50*3 rectangle tube Q235B
Guardrails60*40*3 rectangle tube Q235B60*40*3 rectangle tube Q235B60*40*3 rectangle tube Q235B
Tyre500-8 solid tyre600-9 solid tyre600-9 solid tyre
Cylinder Pin45# Ø50 rod steel*445# Ø50 rod steel*445# Ø50 rod steel*4
Lifting Hydraulic CylinderHGS series Ø80/45HGS series Ø80/45HGS series Ø80/45
Lip Hydraulic CylinderHGS series Ø40/25HGS series Ø40/25HGS series Ø40/25
Hydraulic Oil PipeDouble wire mesh high pressure tubing 2-10-43MPaDouble wire mesh high pressure tubing 2-10-43MPaDouble wire mesh high pressure tubing 2-10-43MPa
Electrical applianceDelixiDelixiDelixi
Hydraulic OilML series antiwear hydraulic oil 6LML series antiwear hydraulic oil 6LML series antiwear hydraulic oil 6L
Net Weight(kg)248027503100
40'container Load Qty3sets3sets3sets

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