Mini Scissor Lift Table

Mini Scissor Lift Table
Product Details

mini scissor lift table

The main feature of this product is that it is small and can be easily moved. We are constantly improving the performance of the product. The main feature of this product is its very light weight and excellent lifting performance. Therefore, the applicable place of this product is also very excellent. In many indoor and outdoor occasions, we can see that this product is being applied by many customers.

The control panel is divided into three switches, an upper switch, no switch, and an energy switch. There is also a display screen, which can clearly display the power consumption of the product.

The up button is divided into three buttons, up button, emergency stop button and down button.

Support leg and self-locking device

Emergency lowering device.



Model TypeMMS3.0MMS3.9
Max.Platform Height(MM)mm30003900
Min.Platform Height(MM)mm630700
Platform Size(MM)mm1170×6001170*600
Rated Capacity(KG)kg300240
Lifting Time(S)s3340
Descent time(S)s3030
Lifting Motor(V/KW)v/kw12/0.8
Battery Charger(V/A)V/A12/15
Overall Length(MM)mm1300
Overall Width(MM)mm740
Guiderail height(MM)mm1100
Overall Height with Guardrail (MM)mm16501700
Overall Net Weight(KG)kg360420

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