Portable Boom Lift

Portable Boom Lift
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portable boom lift

The main power of this product is a diesel engine. Its simple structure and extremely high power make it easy to work at heights. The lifting height is more than 20 meters. This product has always made us very popular in Southeast Asia, South Asia, India and Russia. Sell well. Because its price is very low, the unique design allows it to move freely, greatly expanding the product's operating range, and we are constantly improving, making its performance constantly optimized.



Max. Working Height(m)9.5121414.516
Max. Platform Height(m)810.512.51314
Platform Size(mm)850*650*1000850*650*1000850*650*1000850*650*1000850*650*1000
Load Capacity(kg)       (per customer's request)160-200 160-200160-200160-200160-200
Max. Horizontal Reach(m)
Travel Speed(Km/h)15-3015-3015-3015-3015-30
Lifting Speed(mm/s)50-9050-9050-9050-9050-90
Overall Length(mm)41004100480051005100
Overall Width(mm)17001700210022002200
Overall Height(mm)27002700305032503250
Net weight(kg)16001600170018001900
Control ModeUpper and lower bidirectional button control (Up / down / rotation)
Support ModeAutomatic hydraulic leg (each leg can be adjusted separately)
Working Pressure(MPs)10
Classification of Wind Resistance≤6 level
Skeleton Material100*150*5 120*140*5 Rectangular square tube
Chassis14#International channel steel
Platform Material14#International channel steel /3mm ribbed plate

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