Suction Lifters Heavy Duty

Suction Lifters Heavy Duty
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suction lifters heavy duty

Our product is one of the very competitive products. Because of its unique and exquisite design, it has a wide range of operations. According to different uses, we will choose different suction caps for it. This product is loved by customers around the world because of its very high accuracy and ultra-high stability, and according to customer needs, we install a variety of control systems for it, which can adjust the installation and use of various products .

GL-LD 绿色 1+(1)

GL-LD 动作解释

Model Type

Load Capacity

Lifting Height

QTY of Suction Cap

Suction Cap Diameter


Drive motor

Hydraulic power

Front Wheel

Driving Wheel

We can customize the lifter as per requests. Please tell us the weight and size of your materials,as well as lifting height to make design.

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