Truck Mounted Aerial Work Platform

Truck Mounted Aerial Work Platform
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truck mounted aerial work platform

Product features: The crank-type vehicle-mounted aerial work platform is an alternative to vertical and scissor-type lifting platforms. The machine uses a car engine as the power source, and the battery is powered by electric start, self-supporting legs, self-lifting, self-walking, 360-degree rotation operation. This product has the characteristics of simple operation, convenient use, large working surface, especially can be extended operation, cross a certain obstacle or lift in one place, can carry out a large range of multi-point aerial work, greatly improving work efficiency. This series of elevators are widely used in municipal, electric power, street lights, highways, docks, advertising, gardens, residential properties, factory workshops and other industries for a wide range of aerial work. This series of products have self-acting, hydraulic automatic outriggers can rotate 360 degrees, span Obstacle work, no need for external power supply, etc. It has the characteristics of easy movement, simple operation, large working surface and good balance performance. In the case of uneven roads, it can be supported by four legs at the same time or one leg for easy operation. . The trailer type folding arm type lifting platform is easy to move, the folding arm structure is compact, the new high-quality steel has high strength and light weight, and it is directly connected to AC power or uses its own DC power to start. It has a fast erection speed and can be raised and leveled. It can be extended and can be rotated, and it is easy to cross obstacles to reach the working position. It is an ideal climbing equipment. Product introduction: This product is widely used in industries and fields that require high-altitude operations such as stations and terminal public buildings. It has the characteristics of easy movement, simple operation, large working surface, and good balance performance. In the case of uneven roads, it can be supported on four legs at the same time or on one leg for easy operation.



Truck ModelTLBL-10TLBL-12TLBL-14TLBL-16TLBL-18TLBL-20
General DataPlatform Height(m)101214161820
Platform Capacity(kg)200
Rotation Speed0-2r/min1-2r/min1-2r/min1-2r/min1-2r/min1-2r/min
Max Hook Height(m)
Starting systemElectric
Rotation Angle(°)360 bothway&continuous
Hook Capacity(kg)1000/
Control SideRotation table/Platform
Main DimensionsTotal Weight(kg)44955495569574901030011500
Curb Weight(kg)43655170537072951010511305
Overall size(mm)













Wheel Base(mm)280033083300380047005100
Engine DataModelSD4D/D28D11SD4D25R-70SD4D25R/D28D11CY4SK251YC4S170-50ISB190 50
Power/Capacity/HP (kw/ml/hp)65-85/2433-277170/2545/9570-85/2575/95-115115/3856/156125/3767140/5900/140
Emission StandardCHINA V Emission Standard
Chassis BrandDongfeng
Performance DataMax Speed (km/h)9911090
Cab Capacity2_53
Axle Quantity2
Axle Capacity(kg)1800/26952200/32952280/34153000/44904120/61804080/7517
Tire Quantity6
Tire Dimensions6.50-16/6.50R167.00R16LT 10PR7.00-16/7.00R167.50R168.25R209.00/10.0/275
Overhang length(mm)Front121510401040113012301440
Course Angle(°)Front212020201820

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