Rotary Parking System

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Rotary Parking System

consists of one automated mechanical system,which rotates at an angle of being perpendicular to the ground.

It is driven by the motor+chain+chain wheel and runs in a rotating way.

When someone wants to park or retrieve car,the needed parking pallet will be rotated to the ground level.

Within the space for 2cars,it will be able to park up to 16 cars.It’s the most ideal parking solution for the limited space.


1. Easy to install in left-over or small area

2. Fast and easy installation because of the adoption of building block design concept

3. Easy to relocation and re-install

4. Low electrical power consumption

5. Stable running,car plate come to the ground without swing.

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City Approved Parking System

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Customize as per customer's requests,like the required quantity of cars for parking,the limited spaces etc.

Technical Drawing: