Scissor Lift Platform

Product Details

Rear Drive Scissor Lift is one high cost performance electric moving scissor lift platform. Principle and structure is more simple than driving motor scissor lift.  Direction control handle replaced the driving control system which saves much cost. Driving motor is installed at the rear of the scissor lift-Real Drivel. Competitive price and electric moving function has made Rear Drive Scissor Lift very popular among foreign customers.

 Driving handle
 Direction control handle
 Electric driving motor
 Hydraulic motor and pump station
 Emergency stop button
 Emergency decline valve
 Up-down control panels
 High capacity battery
 Intelligent battery charger
 High strength hydraulic cylinder
 Descent speed valve

Model No.Platform Size
Load Capacity      (kg)      Max. Platform Height
Lowed Platform Height
Overall sizemm
RSL0.3-42100*8203004.0 1.12200*980*1100
RSL0.3-62100*8203006.0 1.22200*950*1200
RSL0.3-72100*8203007.0 1.282200*950*1280
RSL0.3-82100*9003008.0 1.382200*1060*1380
RSL0.3-92100*9003009.0 1.52200*1060*1500
RSL0.3-102100*120030010.0 1.532200*1350*1530
RSL0.3-112100*120030011.0 1.652200*1400*1650
RSL0.3-122550*150030012.0 1.752720*1670*1750
RSL0.3-142810*150030014.0 1.813045*1730*1810
RSL0.3-163070*160030016.0 1.923250*1800*1920
RSL0.3-183070*160030018.0 2.083250*1800*2080
RSL1.0-62110*123010006.0 1.262200*1350*1260
RSL1.0-82110*123010008.0 1.422200*1350*1420
RSL1.0-102110*1200100010.0 1.532200*1350*1530
RSL1.0-122550*1500100012.0 1.812720*1670*1810
RSL1.0-142810*1530100014.0 1.813045*1730*1810