Used Scissor Lift

Used Scissor Lift
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used scissor lift

Diesel scissor aerial work platform is one of the most commonly used elevators on construction sites. Their iconic cross-support system allows them to reach a height of a dozen meters, and some models can reach 22 meters. Due to the diesel-type traditional diesel drive, it is very noisy and emits smoke into the environment. Therefore, they are usually kept on outdoor construction sites or in well-ventilated areas where noise can be dissipated. Their bulky design also provides them with a larger high-altitude platform



Model Type No.SP10DSP13DSP16D
Working Height Maximum12 m15 m18 m
Platform Height Maximum10 m13 m16 m
Lift capacity1150 kg680kg680 kg
Lift capacity (extension deck)230 kg230kg230 kg
Length Ⓓ4.2/4.81m4.2m /4.81m4.2/4.81 m
Width  Ⓔ2.28 m2.28m2.28 m
Height(stowed)Ⓒ2.81 m3.03m3.25 m
Wheel baseF2.84m2.84m2.84 m
Ground clearance-centerⒼ0.23 m0.23m0.23 m
Platform measurement  Ⓑ*Ⓐ3.95*1.83 m3.95×1.83 m3.95*1.83 m
Extension deck measurement1.22m+1.52 m1.22m + 1.52 m1.22m+1.52 m
Turning radius inside /outside2.78m /4.95 m2.78m / 4.95 m2.78m / 4.95 m
Travel speed(stowed)6.3km/h6.3km/h6.3km/h
Travel speed(raised )1.1km/h1.1km/h1.1 km/h
Grade ability50%50%0.45
 Sold tire 33×12-2033×12-2033×12-20
weight6850kg7350 kg8850kg
Fuel tank volume115L115L115L
Hydraulic tank volume170L170L170L
Drive mode4*4*24*4*24*4*2